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These rules and regulations are a combined effort of the Omak Stampede Inc and the Owners and Jockeys Association

    1. Entries will be taken on Friday and Saturday two weeks prior to the rodeo.
      Entries may be postponed if high water delays practices. Owners will receive and acknowledge receipt of rules and agree to such rules by his entry.
    2. The Total entry fee will be $300.00 per horse. Plus a membership fee of $10 for Jockey and $15 for Owners into the Owners & Jockeys Association. The entry structure will be as follows:
      $50 Cost to practice � This fee would be paid before anyone is even allowed to go through the vet checks or enter the water/practice. This will also be the time that the membership fee is due. Once the horse has passed all necessary tests, then the owner will be charged. Entry Fee for World Famous Suicide Race and allowance into the elimination race: Cash or Money Order Only NON REFUNDABLE. If more than 20 horses enter (with fee�s paid in full) there will be an elimination race in which all qualified and entered horses are required to run. If there is a need to run an elimination race, payment on the elimination race would remain $1,000 split $500/$500 between the two races and all entered horses are required to run in the elimination. If there is no need for an elimination race on Sunday, there will be a practice run at 3 p.m. sharp with $500 added for the winner 100%. The practice race is at the owners� discretion and entered horses are not required to run in the practice race.
    3. Riders must be at least 16 years of age at date of first practice, show proof of medical insurance and sign releases prior to practicing or riding in race.
    4. �Horses must be at least 5 years old, in sound condition, and have passed Suicide Race Competitors Health Exam Form. (See #3-A and #4-C).
    5. �Any horse practicing or competing in the race must demonstrate to the majority of the 5 person Suicide Race Committee the ability to: Swim, come down the hill test in a controlled manner, at a lope or better. Horse which turns back will try again until they either pass or fail, limited to three (3) tries a day.
    6. Anyone who breaks these rules as set forth in all this document will be disqualified as voted on by the majority of the 5 person committee.
    1. Horses that are ridden to the top of the hill will meet and go up as a group after Suicide Race officials has notified the Owners & Jockeys Sergeant of Arms or designated escort.
    2. Suicide Race Competitors Health Exam Form is to be on file in the race secretary and available to the race officialls. Owner�s copy must be present and available for viewing at all times that horse is being practiced or raced. Whoever transports horse must have a copy of this certificate carried with that particular horse.
    3. Rescue boat must be in the water before entrants can practice.
    4. During practice, vet wraps on horse are optional in the water, but are mandatory to come down the hill.
    1. Qualified horses legs must be wrapped during each official race.
    2. All qualified entered horses must attend pre-race vet check on each race night and before the eliminate race. The on site race veterinarian will decide who will be passed or failed at that vet check to race on each night. If a horse fails the vet check on one night, that horse is out for the entire weekend.
    3. Only qualified horse entered and paid in full will be allowed to race and must race all four races.
    4. Once a horse is pulled, he cannot race in another race during the weekend and will not lose any existing standings (points).
    5. Jockeys may be exchanged at the discretion of the horse owner. Each jockey who will race during actual race weekend or elimination races must have qualified on at least one qualified and entered suicide horse of the actual race weekend.
    6. Horses that are 3-5 years old may practice with approved vet check.
    7. Any controversy involving the start of the race will be settled by the Suicide Race Official line judges and starter prior to payout. Video camera footage may be used to settle decision; photographer will be picked prior to actual race weekends. That decision will be handed to the 5 person Suicide Race Committee to announce prior to payout.
    8. Payouts will be made the following day of the race to ensure that there are no discrepancies.
    9. A Suicide Race Committee will be established consisting of five members from the Owners and Jockeys Association, the name of this committee will be �Five Man Committee�. This committee�s duties will be to enforce all rules of the Suicide Race and decide any issues that arise.
    1. Suicide Race Owners & Jockeys association members will select Official Race Starter and Race Officials. This list will be presented to Omak Stampede Inc. to be included in any press releases prior to elimination races.
    2. At Official Starter�s signal, all horse will line up in an orderly manner. Disturbance, interference, whipping or lunging at other horses will not be tolerated. Harassment of race officials will not be tolerated and may result in being disqualified from race.
    3. Official Starter shall have complete authority on the start of the race. He may confer with Official Line Judges to assist in his decision if any controversy arises.
    4. Official Finish Line is in the arena, between two streamer poles. Horse, with jockey on board, must pass through these streamer poles. Official video camera will be on finish line.
    5. Horses will be led or rode out by jockey or designated person through the heeler box.
    6. Any horse disqualified prior to a race is out for the entire weekend, based on a vote of the five man committee and or vet.
  5. AWARDS:
    1. Race purse will be a total of Omak Stampede Committee - Purse money - Entry Fee money - Booster Button money. Any money added by the Owners and Jockeys Association must be declared in time to advertise it in the Suicide Race program and paid out as part of the checks.
    2. All monies will be divided in 4 equal parts and four equal places in each race and will be split and paid out as 40-30-20-10. Points will be given to 1st through 5th places to determine overall winner to the horse. 1st-5 points, 2nd-4 points, 3rd-3 points, 4th-2 points and 5th-1 point.
    3. If owner is having someone else ride the horse, that jockey must be paid 40% of any winnings. The Jockey has the option of waiving 40% payout clause by signing a waiver. See Race Secretary for form.
    4. There will no refund of entry fees.
    5. Owner awards will be presented to the owner. Any jockey awards will be presented to the jockey. All awards will be presented in the Owners and Jockeys winners box with the exception of the over all winner in which awards will be presented in the Arena on Sunday following the race.
    6. Each horse that makes an arena run introduction Thursday through Sunday of actual race weekend will be paid $25.00 for each run made. Participation of each qualified horse and jockey is encouraged by Owners and Jockeys Association and Stampede Inc
    1. The majority of the 5 person Suicide Race Committee members will have the deciding power to disqualify horses or jockeys and will address any complaints or concerns lodged during the actual elimination and race weekends.
    2. Omak Stampede Owners & Jockeys Association members will be responsible for policing their own members. Omak Stampede Inc. shall support the efforts of the Owners & Jockeys Association, a non-profit tribal organization; to maintain order and will consult with them to address any future concerns involving the race weekends.
    3. There will be no alcohol or drugs allowed in the horse area during practices, elimination races or any performances. Zero Tolerance, penalty = Disqualification.
    4. There will be no outside vets called in to second guess the onsite designated race vet(s) hired by O&J to conduct vet checks during race times (event or elimination). With the exception of the initial vet checks that may be done on our forms by the vet of your choice. However, O&J offers a one time FREE initial vet check which are done on site by the designated race vet that O&J will have conducting the checks during race times. This one time service is provided free of charge. If you choose to have your vet conduct the initial check (on our forms) that is fine. However, you need to understand that that will be only exception. All other vet checks will be done by the vet that is hired by O&J and their decision will be final.
    5. All race participants will be on time for all vet checks prior to eliminate race and/or official races. There will be no exceptions or hold ups waiting for you to show. If you are not present during the designated vet check times you will be disqualified.
    6. The Owners and Jockeys Association has a designated Race Vet(s) to provide services to your animals on site. This will be the only vet(s) allowed in our area during any performances or elimination races to work on horses. Owners will not be allowed to bring in their own vets to second guess the designated Race Vet(s). If you want your own vet to treat your animal then bring the animal home and have your vet treat it off site at your home. Any one caught with another vet in our area will result in immediate disqualification.
    7. Owners and Jockeys will not accept any personal checks or second party checks from ANYONE. Everyone will need to plan ahead for Calcutta, entries and other events that require money. We will only accept cash or money order. No personal checks.

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